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"We are one body in Christ, united in baptism, renewed through

worship and prayer, and sent by God to serve"

Good News of St. Paul 

July - August   



Pastor's Page

I love to tell the story, ’tis pleasant to repeat,
What seems each time I tell it more wonderfully sweet;
I love to tell the story, for some have never heard
The message of salvation from God’s own holy Word.
I love to tell the story, for those who know it best
Seem hungering and thirsting to hear it like the rest;
And when in scenes of glory I sing the new, new song,
’Twill be the old, old story that I have loved so long.
Yes, it is that time of year when we toss out the old and bring in the new. It is that time when there is a sense that we start with a clean slate and that we can change and reform our lives. It is the time when resolutions are made (and then sometimes broken). It is also that time when, with all of the presents and stuff that we received during the Christmas season, room has to be made. But this also presents the problem of what to do with the old stuff that is being replaced. What becomes of them?  Do they get tossed? Repurposed by taking them to Goodwill or waiting for a summer garage sale? Put them into storage? This is one reason the big box stores put storage containers of various sizes and shapes on sale. In fact Deb and I bought a bunch over this past weekend (precisely because they were on sale).
Now this may be ok for the physical things that are a part of our lives, but the same cannot be true for the good news of God in Jesus. The gospel is not meant to be brought out just on Sundays or special occasions and then put away until the next time its needed or worse put into storage never to be seen or heard from. Rather, as the song implies, even though it is an old, old story, it is also a new, new story every time it’s told.  It isn’t just quoted scripture passages, or the stories of faithful (and not so faithful) people of the bible, it is also the story of each and every one of us, and how God through the Holy Spirit is working in our lives and the lives around us. Everyday it becomes a new, new story, one that is meant to be shared and retold so that others might know the power of God to save and redeem all of us.
I write this because there is lament within this community that as attendance is declining there doesn’t seem like much we can do. Therefore, as we begin this new year, I encourage you to go tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else you come into contact with, this amazing story of God’s good news in your life. Tell them that this story of love and forgiveness is for them. Tell them that, in this time of new beginnings, that they too can have their lives reformed and that their slates of their lives can be wiped clean. And then invite them here, to this place that will welcome and embrace them. Invite them, so that they too will hear the old, old story about God’s saving grace.                                           -Pr. Bobi “I Love to Tell the Story” Arabella K. Hankey, William G. Fischer, © Public Domain (ELW #661)
When God’s little ones fall and hurt themselves, God hears their cry, and gathers them with gentle sighs; with warm salt tears, God bathes away their sorrows. For God knows how much a broken heart can hurt. Nest eggs will not prevent pain, nor investments protect you from abuse. But when the winds lash your fragile wings, God will fly bedside you. You can ride out the storm together. Your spirit will not be broken. Don’t take pride in the power of your own wings; some day you may come crashing down. Trust only in the overarching wings in the Lord; no one who runs to God will be turned away.  [Psalm 34:15-22]  

Healing - Healing (literally meaning to make whole) is the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism. The result of healing can be a cure to a health challenge, but one can [be healed] without being cured.
I’ve been thinking lately on this whole idea of healing. Why? Because it seems like we need a lot of it.  Not only individually, but also within this community of faith, as well as with our whole national psyche. I know that there are many of you who need healing of many varieties, from physical and/or mental ailments or worse, to emotional wounds that  have  been inflicted  over  time,  to  the spiritual  hurts  that are  experienced  when  it  seems  like  God is so  far  away  and  that  there  is  no  hope left. 
I know that our community needs healing. We’ve experienced some decisions here in the past year that has caused grief and hurt. Things that we once took for granted are no longer the same. Change can be and is painful and we wonder if we, as individuals and as a congregation, can survive. I think that what our nation is going through does not need to be explained ad nauseum here. Nevertheless, do we wonder how long the partisan feuding and hate-filled speech can go on before it becomes irreversible?  Looking at the definition from Wikipedia I would say that individually, communally, and nationally we are experiencing the results of unbalanced, diseased, or damaged organisms. 

However, I think the other part of the definition helps us to understand what healing is all about. It is the about the restoration (my emphasis) of those organisms that aren’t healthy.  Restoration is the action of returning something to its former condition.  It may not be new like it once was, but then nothing ever is. Everything in this world is subject to constant decay.  As Christians we believe that any restoration can only come about by the power of God. The bible speaks of God continually intervening in the lives of his creatures (and of creation) to bring about healing, and thus restoration.  And even though we read of miraculous healings in scripture, we should realize that most healings typically are not instantaneous.  They take time  and  the  results may  not  be  what   we  where  hoping  for.  We are also reminded that most, if not all healings are done through human agency, because that is how God works in our lives.  Doctors, researchers, nurses, counselors, chaplains, even friends and neighbors all participate in God’s healing. Thus when we come to God through Jesus and we ask for healing, individually, corporately, nationally, we are saying to Him; “I trust You to work through this situation, I believe that You will effect healing and restoration, and I have faith, even if its only the size of a mustard seed, that Your will will prevail by the power of the Holy Spirit”. 

As we move through the summer months, I would encourage you to pray for yourself and those you love, for this community of faith, and for the nation and world, so that God would bring healing and wholeness to all of His creation, both now and forever. Come Lord Jesus.  Amen.                                     -Pastor Bob

iTaylor, James Everyday Psalms (1994 Woodlake, Kelowna BC CA) 54

Parish Nurse
An Apology 
I’m writing this article due to my behavior. Since my subarachnoid hemorrhage, or brain bleed, I have been more frustrated and angry. I finally confronted my behavior change and saw my Medical Provider.  I was ashamed of my behavior and had to admit that I had no control. It was very difficult to acknowledge. 

I was relieved when my Provider told me after a brain bleed, stroke, or brain injury that personality changes are very common. It’s not uncommon to experience apathetic, depressive or mood swings. A person may cry or laugh for no apparent reason, develop depression, or agitation, like myself.

If a loved one has had a brain injury and has a change in personality  that interferes with daily routine or family, they need to consult his or her  Medical Provider.  Support this person with love and patience! 

I apologize for my behavior if I have offended any of you. 

To your health, 
K.C. Babcock, R.N.
Living Stones Prison Ministry Raffle
Thank you to all of our congregations of the SWWA synod who sold tickets to this year's "Where would YOU go?" raffle. Almost $13,000 was raised! All proceeds support and benefit Living Stones Prison Ministries.

Congratulations to the winner: Gina Renzema of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Tacoma, Washington!

Movie/Pizza Night
Sat., Aug. 4th, 6 p.m.
“CAMP” - a movie about Royal Family Kids Program Outreach -  is the story of a deeply troubled boy, Eli, and an apathetic investment advisor, Ken, who get paired together at a summer camp for foster kids and discover the meaning of unconditional love.

This film is inspired by true stories of kids and counselors who have been at camps for abused and neglected children.  Writer and director, Jacob Roebuck, sought to tap into real-life events which acknowledge the power of the camp experience as well as the opportunity camp provides to give unconditional love to those seemingly forgotten children who need adults in their lives.



Monthly Financial Report

Figures are regarding 

the General Fund: 

Total giving:

 May:   $11,065.00

  June:  $11,393.00

Approximately $13,000 is needed each month to cover expenses.

Thank you for your faithfulness!




Annual Walden Island Tea & Beef and Brew

 Saturday -  August 11th   

Both events start at 1 p.m.   (Rides to the island begin every 30 minutes)

Rain or shine -  Bring friends and family! 

Enjoy a boat ride, great food and entertainment!  

The tea has limited seating, so reservations are required. 

(There will be a sign up sheet for the tea or call K.C. at 430-8880.) 

           Raffle tickets will be available for great prizes!


             ALL money raised goes to St. Paul Kids Clothes Closet 

           and Community House on Broadway.  





Special Congregational Meeting

The results of the special meeting on Sunday, June 10th - the congregation agreed to:

1) Approve the changes to the St. Paul Constitution

2) Approve becoming a host site for the Family Promise Program (to begin in 2019)


On June 10th , at the congregation voted to become a host church for Family Promise of Cowlitz County. What this means is that our building will be used 4 weeks out of the year to provide food and shelter for up to 4 families a week.  


As host church we have several responsibilities:One is to insure that there is adequate staffing. To this end we will be partnering with the churches of Castle Rock (much like we do for the summer kid’s meals), as well as with the Lutheran churches in the area. All have committed volunteer resources to make this program happen. In addition KC Babcock has agreed to be the volunteer coordinator for us. This means that she will be lining up volunteers for each week that we are the host church. 

The second responsibility is to insure the safety of the volunteers and those staying with us. There is a very rigorous vetting process that occurs before anyone is admitted to the program. In addition if there are any conflicts, or breaking of any of the rules laid out by FP the families will be asked to immediately leave. 

I am encouraged by the stepping out in faith this congregation exhibited last month.  I trust that those we served will be blessed by our service to God and this community. If you want to  learn more about Family Promise, here is their website: And here is the Cowlitz County version:

-Pr .Bob



Summer Kids Meals 

started Mon, June 25th and will run weekdays (except July 4th) through Wednesday,Aug. 25th.





Kids Clothes Closet

The annual Kids Clothes Closet distribution will happen again this year, but sadly, without the help and input of it’s long-time founder Polly Ross.  Twenty-eight years ago, she organized the Kids Clothes Closet to provide school clothes to children in the Castle Rock and Toutle School districts. Over the years Polly was involved with virtually all aspects of this program including writing fund-raising letters, set up, advertising, sending thank you notes to donors, buying underwear, getting volunteers to help, and many other tasks. To say she will be sorely missed is an understatement. 

The date for the distribution is Friday, August  24th.  If you would like to help with any aspect of this program, please contact Roxanne Knutson, Anita Gallow, or Pastor Bob Ross.




Mark Your Calendars!

The next blood drive is Monday, July 23rd from Noon - 6 p.m.  There is a sign-up sheet if you’d like an appointment, or, just stop in!

Phone Directory Update

Please change Jim & Dayne Johnston’s address to: 1513 Tara St., Kelso, WA 98626, as they have moved.



Pastor Bob's Shoutouts


Thank You to:

▸ Earl Small and Paul Schwinn for painting the poles in the parking lot.

▸ Nancy Vandehey and crew for the Cinco de Mayo taco bar/bingo fund raiser night.

▸ All those who provided for the Mother’s Day Bake Sale.

▸ Leann Beal and Jacki Whittaker for hosting the ‘after service’ sandwich bar fellowship lunch in May.

▸ Earl & Corlan Small, Deb Sinclair, and Paul & Jackie Schwinn for providing and caring for the beautiful hanging baskets/plant at the sanctuary entrance.

▸ Clarance Knutson for coordinating the Summer Kids Meals Program this year.

▸ The Property& Finance Committee members: Paul & Jackie Schwinn, David & Jacki Whittaker, Earl Small, and Glen Agren, for cleaning the third floor space.

▸ Dan & Michelle Oswalt for taking the kids’ playground equipment.

▸ Jerod Vandehey and Elena Ross for chaperoning the youth to work camp.



Prayers for Members and Friends

Please remember these people with your prayers, phone calls, visits or cards:

Those with Health Concerns:  Laurie Ross-Aristide, Al Black,  Bob Bruner, Beth Hinesley, Joel Royce, Christine Koppert, Todd Risner, Crystal Hummel, Angie Bowers, Angie Manfreddi, Jean Jones, Eric Smith, Darlene Jackson, Betty Light, Don Miller, Katie Frei; 

Care Givers and Care Receivers:  Joyce LeMonds, Palma Jensen, Corrinne Kuehner, Vi Benham

Those Serving in the Armed Forces:  Hunter Whitten, Sam Gallow, Tyler Kleine, Eddie Oswalt




July Birthdays

1    Jacob Schaafsma

6    Emily Ashby

7    Cristy Auckland

8    Danielle Small

9    Darlene Jackson

10  Betty Rose

      Kylie Vandehey

11  Brian Whitten

13  Pr. Shelley Willem

15  Michelle Oswalt

16   Zadun Ross

18  Dale Erdelbrock

19  Marsha Gallow

2    Larry Hensley

21  Joel Anderson

      Jacob Jones

24  Kayla Gulliford

25  Megan Sturgill

27  Corrinne Kuehner

28 Sharon Blankenship

      Sue Pulse

      Linda Moody

August Birthdays

 1   Clarance Knutson

     Olaf Gieseke

     Michael Bontoft

     Bocephus Johnson

3   Kathy Strain 

     Betty Light

5   Becky Lee 

     Conner Ness

     Beth Coleman

7   Brooke Hefley

9   Preston Foster

     Tom Cunningham

11  Cheryl Smith

12  Carol Oswalt

      Jacob Rahn

13  Dan Hecker

      Howard Houser

14  Philip Portwood

15  Addie Ashby

16  Kathy Cooper

      Karen Cloke

17  Gary Wilbur 

      Samuel Gallow

      Elle Gallow

18  Jeanette Foster

21  Heidi Mitchell

       Jim LeMonds

       Alonzo Ogden

29   Blain Lux

30   Cheyanne Smith

31   Cory Johnson

       Amanda Snow



July Baptismal Birthdays

10   Jack Janisch

11   Ken Ness

12   Heather Snow

18 Samantha Whittaker

       Breonna Hefley

       Brooke Hefley

19   Rachael Myers

22   Cheri Houser

23   Claire Catt

23   Jordan Wilbur

28  Heather Whittaker

28   Natasha Jacques

August Baptismal Birthdays

1   Janet Bamford

2 Cody Moore-Sicklovan

   Justin Moore-Sicklovan

4   Ariel Bryan

7    Daniel Crisman

9    Darlene Jackson

      Katie Ogden

13  Cassie Hensley

17  Elizabeth LeMonds

20   Deaken Heller

       Ryker Heller

       Ben Ross

27  Kaitlyn Kittelson




July Anniversaries

 3      Neal & Shirley Johnson 

 7      Amy & Brian Whitten 

14     Erika Agren & Cory Remmers 

17     Glen & Gayle Agren 

         David & Karen Ray 

         Dan & Judy Hecker 

19     Paul & Jackie Schwinn 

23     Dave & Denise Foster 

25     Mike & Katie Fowler - 1981

August Anniversaries

3       Casey & Sarah Davis Bryan

6       Ken & Sandee Ness - 53 years

         Dave & Jacki Whittaker - 52 years

7       Eric & Susan Denison 

11     Kevin & Debbie Lyon 

12     Molly & Troy Franklin 

13     Brian & Mindy Kleine 

16     Cory & Lisa Johnson - 10 years

19     Lloyd & Heather Snow Jr. 

         Ryan & Katrina Hinesley 

24     Boyd & Linda McCall - 56 years

26     Robert & Becky Danhauser