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"We are one body in Christ, united in baptism, renewed through

worship and prayer, and sent by God to serve"

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 March - April   




Pastor's Page 


Lent is a time associated with struggle, challenge, testing, fasting, wilderness, loss, and grief to name a few. It is when church communities often “roll-up” the hallelujah’s and put them away. It often begins in the “dead” of winter when the land is barren and can appear lifeless and ends when during spring when life is obvious and can’t help but show forth.

Lent is derived from words of European origin meaning spring. In the church, it defines the time before Easter and the resurrection of Jesus. It is often associated with a time self-enforced restraint from indulging in activities that we find comfort or pleasurable. This abstinence usually happens around members of the faith community abstaining from alcohol, chocolate, entertainment or the like.

In short, community members change their behavior to make themselves a little less comfortable by removing things that make them more comfortable. We do this to better recognize our need of God; seeking God in the midst of our discomfort (struggle). In essence, we create a microcosm of life with its challenges, trials, wilderness and such. In so doing, we test our faith.

Faith is not evidenced by an absence of doubt or challenge or struggle, but these things are actually central to faith. The test of faith is not found in one’s wealth, or health, or relationships no matter how these things appear from the outside. Faith is demonstrated and brought forth in the hard times, in the times of challenge and struggle. It is easy to say “I believe” when things are going well and according to our plan, but faith is ultimately exhibited in the wildernesses of life when things don’t occur as we wish they did and not in accordance with our own timeline.

Martin Luther suggested that it is times of distress (struggle) that reveal our faith (trust). It is revealed by where we turn in the challenging times. Do we turn to God, or to other things that provide us temporary comfort (and often long-term consequences)? Binge watching TV, food, alcohol/drugs, shopping, or anything other than God… or do we turn to God?

Lent is a time for looking inward to examine ourselves. Lent is a time to look at our relationships and our behaviors. And Lent is a time to look to God. It is a time of repentance (turning away from unfruitful things in our life and reorienting towards God).

Let us all use this season to look to the ONE who is the beginning and end, to the ONE who is the author and perfecter, to the ONE who is our answer and our ever-present help in troubling times, to the ONE who is and was and is to come.

God’s peace and God’s blessings can only be realized in Jesus. 

May you know God’s closeness throughout this season, Pastor Norm   




Parish Nurse


What’s This About Eating 

Plant Protein? 

This year the talk has been about eating protein, especially plant protein. Many have decided to eat less animal protein for health reasons combined with environmental concerns. 

The grocery stores have increased their shelves with protein rich  foods,  such as plant base milks to pasta. 

Diets that include more plants aid in protection from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and certain cancers. Plant foods include beans and lentils, edamame, tofu, nuts and seeds that help deliver protein along with fiber, vitamins and minerals. 


Try to eat at least five plant based meals in a week for a healthier 2019! 

To Your Health, K.C. Babcock, R.N. 



Season of Lent 

Ash Wednesday is March 6th.  Worship service  that  evening will be at 6:45 p.m. with Holy Communion and the Imposition of Ashes,  as we prepare our hearts for the 40 day journey before Easter Sunday.

Soup and Bread meals will start Wednesday, March 13th at 6 p.m.  The Holden Evening Prayer service will follow at 6:45 p.m.  (Worship leaders are needed - if you feel ‘led’, please sign up!)

If you can provide soup for one of the  five  Wednesday’s  in Lent, please sign up or call the church office.  


Clean-up help would be great as well!



Turn your clocks ahead one hour before retiring on Saturday, March 9th.


Special Congregational Meeting

This Sunday, March 3rd, there will be a special congregational meeting directly after worship to vote on the Imagine Program.  It will be determined if we will agree to commit to the two year plan or not.

As you know, there are now 6 members on the team, along with Pastor Norm, who have agreed to implement the principles of the program and are ready and excited about the venture.  They are: Glen Agren, Diana Rahn, Katrina Hinesley, Neal Johnson, Jacki Whittaker, and Janet Eiden. They have put together a wealth of information  regarding the project and is displayed on a table in the narthex for you to explore. (If you would like to become a part of the team, you welcome to!)

Pr. Melanie Wallschlaeger from the SW Synod office will deliver  the  message at worship and join  us  at  the meeting.

Please make it a priority to attend Sunday!

Results from the Congregational Annual Meeting

The following members were voted in to positions of office/committees at the meeting on January 27th. 

Council: Linda Solberg, Tiffany Seidl, Al Black (3 year terms); Sandy Catt - 2 year term; Glen Agren - 1 year term.  Frantzvog Fund Committee:  Sharon Blankenship; Memorial Secretary: Dayne Johnston; Nominating Committee: Paul Schwinn and Diana Rahn; and Synod Delegates: David & Jacki Whittaker.Thank you to all for your leadership!



Living Stones Prison

Due to the weather conditions, the February 9th visit was postponed to Sat., April 6th.  

 If you would like to be a part of their worship service, there are still a few slots open.



Monthly Financial Report

Figures are regarding 

the General Fund: 

Total giving:

January:    $9353.00

  February:    $12,011.00

Approximately $13,000 is needed each month to cover expenses.

Thank you for your faithfulness!






Thank You to:

• Earl Small for taking pictures of the Sun. School Christmas Program, Elias Foster’s Baptism (Son of Seth Foster & Jill Heistand; Grandson of Mike & Dani Foster), and our farewell gathering - all on the same day!  These memories are posted on the board in the main hall entry.
• Everyone involved in decorating the church for the Christmas season.
• Everyone involved in helping with the S.S. Christmas program performance - namely the coordinator, Jenn Lux, and, of course - the kids!
• Ron Blankenship for readying the projected parts of the services, and for those who project Sunday mornings.
• David Whittaker, Earl Small, and Paul Schwinn for adding a handrail to the fellowship hall stairway.
• Janet Eiden and Jacki Whittaker for their work as Kitchen Mom’s keeping the supplies stocked.
• Leann Beall for preparing year end reports and her continued work in the role as church treasurer.





Prayers for Members and Friends

Members & Friends  - Please remember these people with your prayers, phone calls, visits or cards:

All God’s people including:  Al Black, Bob Bruner, Beth Hinesley, Christine Koppert, Crystal Hummel, Angie Bouder, Angie Manfreddi, Jean Jones, Eric Smith, Darlene Jackson, Don Miller, Katie Frei,  Mary Mage, Peggy Droz, Lisa Hill, April Erdelbrock, Gayle Agren, Pr. Bob & Deb Sinclair, John (Ruth Bell’s brother), Dale & Glee Ann Erdelbrock, K.C. & Stephen Babcock, Stephanie Petkovich, DeLores Gillan 

All Caregivers and Care receivers: Joyce LeMonds, Palma Jensen, Corrinne Kuehner, Vi Benham  

Those serving in the Armed Forces: Hunter Whitten, Sam Gallow, Tyler Kleine, Matthew Cogburn, Eddie Oswalt


Prayer Team

Looking for people who feel their gift is to pray - to pray for our community and individuals. (separate from our prayer chain.)  See Pastor Norm if this is you!



Media Evangelism

Are you tech savvy and willing to share your talent with St. Paul?  We are looking for a few volunteers:

• Facebook Page Administrator - to keep info current with what is happening here at St. Paul.  This is a ministry that reaches out to the community, as well as St. Paul  members and friends.

• Web Page Administrator - We currently have a web page but it could use some creative updating.  Is that your gift?

• Photographer - someone to take pictures when there are extra happenings here at the church - so we can keep our bulletin boards up to date.

• Volunteers needed to take part in the ‘7 Last Sayings of Christ’ at the Good Friday Service.

If you can help with any of the above or have any questions, please contact Pr. Norm.

Women’s Bible Study

We will take a break until after Easter and then begin a 5-week study, The Prodigal Son, by John MacArthur.  on  Wed., April 24th. 

Cost is $7.50 for the study book.  A sign-up sheet is available in the narthex.

New Member Welcome!

St. Paul welcomes Nick Petkovich who became a member on Sun., Feb. 10th.


Congregational Vitality Survey

Copies of the Congregational Vitality Survey taken recently are available for viewing.  This will be a useful tool in implementing the Imagine Program, if we vote to participate.

Extra Vehicle??

 One of St. Paul’s members is in need of their own transportation.  If you have or know of anyone who has a car to be borrowed or donated, please talk to Pastor Norm or Geri.




Looking Ahead  to May...

The next Blood Drive  is coming Monday  - May 13th  

Mark Your Calendars!!



Office Hours

Regular hours are Tue. - Fri. 9 a.m.-1 p.m. 

Pastor Norm is available Tuesday through  Thursday  from  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Since he may be making a visitation or attending a meeting, you may want to call first before coming in.

You may call the office at 360-274-6604, or contact him directly at 253-740-9007.


Holy Week Schedule

Sunday - April 14 - 10:30 a.m. - Palm Sunday Worship

Thursday - April 18 - 7 p.m. - Maundy Thursday Worship - with Holy Communion

Friday - April 19 - 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.  Good Friday Prayer Vigil

 4:30 p.m. Cross Walk

7 p.m. - Good Friday Worship

Sunday - April 21 - 7 a.m.  - Sunrise Service at C.R. Stadium

 9 a.m.  Easter Breakfast in fellowship hall

10:30 a.m. Easter Sunday Worship with Holy Communion



March Birthdays

1    Jack Janisch

2    Rachel Olsen

3    Lloyd Snow

      Isabella Janisch

14  Larry Ogden

15  Jim McDaniel

       Donna Rodgers

       Kalen Remmers

16   Sandy Catt 

17   Elena Ross

21   Deborah Oswalt

23   Jim Johnston 

       Ashlee Eatherton

       Vineta Thomsen

24   Natasha Jacques

25   Greg Ogden 

        Ryker Heller

       Troy Franklin

26   Dan Frantsvog 

       Richard Skreen

27   Susan  Denison

28   Brian Pederson

29   David Oswalt

30   Brontë Martin 

March Baptismal Birthdays

1    Cheryl Smith

      Cheyanne Smith

3    Sandi Nolden

8    Jessica Lair

      Peggy Droz

      Amanda Snow

9    James Johnston

      Rayelene West

11  Emma Cooley

12  Marlene White

16  Jacob Winkler

      MeiMei Winkler

17  Madalyn Seidl

18   K.C. Babcock

19   Corlan Small

21   Paul Schwinn

22   Phyllis Ogden

23   Luke Rahn

24  David Whittaker

      Hannah Lair

25   Neal Johnson

       Cody Lux

27  Megan Borgaard

April Birthdays

1     Carol Foster

3     Irina Anderson

4     Pr. Robert Ross

       Debbie Krumpols

       Jackson Swim 

6     Monte Hartshorn

       Ben Ross

8     Jackie Schwinn

10   Deb Sinclair

11   Dianna Watenpaugh

13    Heather Wilbur

14   Bill White

16   Dan Crisman

17   Ariel Bryan

        Easton Ross

18    Sam Cooley

20  Heather Whittaker

21   Cassie Hensley

       Aubrey Schaak

23   Heather Snow

24   Brad Knutson

       Lukas Houser

25   Dave Whittaker

       Lane Traver

26   Sherri Knutson

       Dillion Ray

27   Joyce LeMonds

       Karen Ashby

29   Jeff Frohner

April Baptismal Birthdays

1  Cheryll Borgaard

3  Vern Foster

4  Shirley Kittelson

    Lukas Houser

7  Gene Crocker

8  Ami Remmers

     Chris Masten

     Abby Corral

10  Becky Dahlman

12  Stephanie Ness

13  Karen Cripe

14 Alyssa Gallow

      Elle Gallow

      Sam Gallow

      Marvin Gallow

19  Jacki Whittaker

21   Dani Foster

22   Kevin Foster

25   Denise Foster

       Justin Foster

26   Carrie Bowman

       Hunter Whitten

28   Carol Foster

       Ed Calkins

      Veronica Heller

       Bryan Wilbur


March Anniversaries

 1    Brad & Kathy Cooper 

4     Mick & Tiffany Seidl - 30 years

15   Dan & Valerie Crisman 

21   Mike & Dani Foster - 50 years

25   Jerry & Cheryll Borgaard 

27   Alan & Dianna Watenpaugh 


April Anniversaries

1    Seth & Jill Heistand-Foster 

12  Garrett & Addie Ashby 

24  Emma & Sam Cooley - 71 years

29  Dale & Glee Ann Erdelbrock - 58 yrs