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Good News of St. Paul 

 August 2017


Pastor's Page


But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they (Mary Magdalene and the other women) came to the tomb, taking the spices that they had prepared. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in, they did not find the body. [Luke 24:1-3]
In several weeks we will again observe Easter, the defining moment for those of the Christian faith. It is that time when we rejoice in the power of God to defeat  (as Martin Luther would say) “sin, death, and the devil”. One question to ask is: why don’t we celebrate this like we do Christmas? As important as Jesus birth is, that occurrence only points to this time when all that God had promised was fulfilled. If Easter then is the crucial event for Christianity, shouldn’t we have parades and decorations and all of the other hoopla that goes along with such a celebration? In response I would say that in one sense we already do that. Although, like Christmas, this Holy Day has been co-opted by secular society in order to commercialize it.  Easter, for the rest of society consists of rabbits, chocolate, brightly colored eggs, and plenty of tulips. Like Christmas, the Christian’s observance of Easter takes on more somber tones. In this time we reflect on the grace and mercy of God, and on the hope of a certain future despite the circumstances of life that might weigh us down. 
This however, leads to a second question: what does Jesus’ resurrection mean for us in the here and now? Like our reflections of Christmas, how do we or will we live in light of what God in Jesus has done for us and for all of humanity (whether   they choose to believe it or not)? First its saying “no” to the power of death and destruction that surrounds us. In place of the bad news we hear and the bad experiences we have, we make the claim that there is a sustaining power, a God, who brings life out of death and reconciliation out of conflict. Second, it marks the beginning of a new creation.  It began with the resurrection of Jesus, and it continues up to today where the gospel is proclaimed and people come to believe.
As the apostle Paul put it, “whoever is in Christ is a new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17). Daily we begin our lives with a clean slate, trusting that God through the Holy Spirit will lead us to live lives that testify to the power of God. All of this is to say that resurrection means that we have a hope and a trust for a future that is not bleak, one that leads only to death.  We believe that God who raised Jesus from the dead will also raise us to new life, to a full and complete relationship with the One who created us.
Finally we don’t hang on this resurrection hope for ourselves. Just as the women who found the empty tomb went and told the other disciples, we too should be telling others about it. Like the women we may not be believed. Despite the implausibility of it all, Easter defines who we are and by whose we are.  So lets go and celebrate, whoop it up  like Christmas, because this is the best news to share. He is risen indeed!                                                  -Pr Bob
“Then Paul stood in front of the Areopagus and said, ‘Athenians, I see how extremely religious you are in every way.  For as I went through the city and looked carefully at the objects of your worship, I found among them an altar with the inscription, “To an unknown god.”’” [Acts 17:22-23a NRSV]

In the book of Acts, Paul, in a visit to Athens, marvels at the varied types of gods the Athenians worshiped. If there was a need for some kind of divine intervention, for the Athenians (and the populations of the surrounding Mediterranean basin),  the panoply of gods had you covered. Even an unknown god was worshiped to make sure that nothing was left to chance. Paul then goes on to tell the Athenians that this unknown god was in fact Yahweh; the creator, redeemer, and  sustainer of all things.  For most of them the response was “meh”. They had no desire to change their “religious affiliations” as it were. 

Part of what has got me thinking about all this is a quarterly journal that I subscribe to. Word and World is a publication that bills itself as “Theology for Christian Ministry”. Usually there is a theme that each volume has, and this past quarter it was “Life without God”.  Now I’m not going to try in this brief space to try to touch on all of the different articles and how they all relate to “Life without God”.   However, I believe this theme begs the question: are we living life without God?  Or rather, have we become like the Athenians, worshiping multiple gods in the hopes that maybe one of them can help us in our time of need?  Do we compartmentalize our various beliefs about how this world works that leaves out the possibility of God working in, with, and through, our lives and the lives of each other 24/7/365?  For example, most us of come to a specific place at a specific time to worship God and we acknowledge that this holy. However, I am aware when I’m watching sports (or NCIS), or when I’m driving to and from work, or I’m out with friends or family enjoying a cold drink and good food, or when I’m shopping, I’m not thinking of God being in my life at that particular moment, and I’m definitely not thinking that those moments are holy.  Rather I think the possibility exists that in those times I am “praying” or “worshiping” to the god of mass communication, the god of safe travel, the god(s) of the harvest, and the god of consumerism at those particular moments. In other words, God has been relegated to an hour or so on Sunday and the rest of the week I’ve put Him on a shelf waiting for the following Sunday.  But then I have to ask, at what cost? Have I missed recognizing and giving thanks that He is the One who has provided the ability to watch events happening a half a continent away, or that there is now relative ease moving between cities, or that food and drink are readily available?Have I missed those transcendent moments (that which we might call serendipity) when God reveals his sovereignty and grace? 

What does it mean to live a life with God the creator, redeemer, and sustainer of all things? I believe that even when I’m not consciously thinking of God per se, that he is nonetheless there with me, even if my five senses can’t or won’t apprehend it at the moment and that all those moments are in some way holy. I trust that this God, in the person of Jesus, has granted me forgiveness for the things I’ve done, and the things I’ve left undone, and for not loving or acknowledging him with my whole heart. I have faith that he is working in, with, and through all things for His purposes. Is this easy? No! But belief, faith, trust is never easy when speaking of God, who remains unknown and mysterious most of the time. However, living a life with God is a life that is filled with joy, and hope, not only for the future, but for each day life is lived here. My hope and prayer for each and every one of you is that you would come to know and live a life with this God who lives with and among us.                                                                                                                                                -Pastor Bob




Parish Nurse

Baby Boomers! 

Did you know 1 in 30 has hepatitis C and don't know it?  This is a virus that  you might not heard much about.  A virus that is serious.  It can hide in your body for years or decades without symptoms. It is not tested in routine blood work and If untreated it can cause liver disease and even cancer.  

The CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends all Baby Boomers to be tested. It's a simple blood test. Ask your medical provider to be tested .


To Your Health,

K.C. Babcock, R.N. 



Monthly Financial Report

The total General Fund giving in June was $12,559.00; for July (as of July 23)  $12,781.00

Approximately $13,000 is needed to cover monthly expenses.





Stella Lutheran

Hosting a Presentation

Sat., Aug. 12th, 8:30 -11:30 a.m. Stella Lutheran Chapel invites everyone to join them to hear a presentation: Conversations  About Race, by our Synodical Women of the ELCA’s Today’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality Racial Justice Advocacy Team.  Registration and coffee from 8:30-8:55 a.m.  Call 360-849-4340 for more information.




Summer VBS

Bible school was fun and a success! We held VBS for 3 evenings, where 19 kids ages 4-11 participated. The St. Paul Youth Group helped plan and lead activities that included; worship, bible lesson, crafts, games, and snacks each day. 

A special thank you to Nancy Vandehey, Linda Titus, and Linda Staudinger for helping. I also want to thank the church for supporting our VBS by bringing snack and craft items, and for praying for our Bible school. I'd like to especially thank and recognize the youth who took the time to plan and lead our VBS; Ryan Orth, Nate Orth, Kylie Vandehey, Samantha Whittaker, Caidence Myers,  and Koen Ross.

- Elena Ross



Kids Clothes Closet

The Annual KCC Distribution will be Fri., Aug. 25th from 9 a.m. - noon.  If you can help, the sign-up sheet is on the back table, or contact Roxanne Knutson at 274-8597.  A Bag Day Event will be Sat., the 26th from 9 a.m. - noon.


Pastor Bob's Shoutouts


Thank you to:

• Everyone who helped clean the main floor of the church on Saturday, June 3rd.  Over 30 adults/kids came and made record time in meeting the goal.  A potluck lunch was enjoyed afterward with the assistance of Patsy Grizzle and Sharon Blankenship.

• Blain Lux for fixing the small retracting door in the kitchen.

• Deb Sinclair and Jackie Schwinn for their decorating ideas/efforts made to coincide with the seasons of the church.

• Kitchen Mom, Janet Eiden, for keeping us stocked with the essentials in the church kitchen - which is extremely busy during the summer with kids meals every weekday.

• Parish Worker Leaders: Glen Agren, K.C. Babcock, Paul and Jacki Schwinn, and Linda Titus who make sure volunteers are on board for everything to flow each Sunday morning before,  during, and after worship.

• Ruth Bell and Geri Skreen for agreeing to take a cut in hours/pay to help with the church’s finances.


• Vineta Thomsen and Glen Agren for being our synod delegates.




Coming Soon - 

Online Giving

Starting sometime this month St. Paul Lutheran will be moving into the 21st Century. We have contracted with a company called Vanco who will provide the tools necessary for you to go online to give to St Paul. The plan will be for you, in a few quick steps, to make convenient and secure donations using your debit cards, credit cards or bank accounts. This giving can be one time or on an on-going basis. 

More details will follow, but we are excited to be able to offer this to you.


New Baby Congratulations

Trevor Jordan Adams was born June 17, 2017 to Tyler and Jordan Adams.  He weighed 7 lb. 5 oz., and was 20½” long.  Grandparents are Stan and Carol Adams.



New Address

Corrinne Kuehner has moved to The Canterbury Gardens in Longview.  The address is 1457 3rd Avenue.  (No room number available at the time of this writing)         Visitors are encouraged!



Cliff LeMonds passed away June 25, 2017.   Cliff is the husband of St. Paul member Joyce LeMonds.  They were married for 72 years. A graveside memorial is scheduled at 2 p.m. Sat., 7/29 at the Pleasant Hill Grange.

Annual Walden Island Tea & Beef and Brew

 Saturday -  August 12th  

Both events start at 1 p.m.   (Rides to the island begin every 30 minutes)

Rain or shine -  Bring friends and family! 

Enjoy a boat ride, great food and entertainment!  

The tea has limited seating, so reservations are required. 

(There is a sign up sheet for the tea or call K.C. at 430-8880.) 

           Raffle tickets are available NOW for great prizes!


             ALL money raised goes to St. Paul Kids Clothes Closet 

           and Community House on Broadway. 

This is the 19th year for the BBQ and it will he held 

in honor of Gene Koppert. 

Gene passed away May 25th on his beloved island.



Prayers for Members and Friends

Please remember these people with your prayers, phone calls, visits or cards:


Those with Health Concerns:  

Vi Benham, Laurie Ross-Aristide,  Al Black, Roland, Lonnie Logan, Sandy Logan, Shauna Rose, David Manning, Earl Moore,  Betty Rose,  Bob Bruner, Beth Hinesley, Joel Royce,  Christine Koppert, Chuck Kersey, Roger Gallow, Todd Risner, Janet Eiden, Leah Norris, Michelle Oswalt 

Care Givers and Care Receivers:  Joyce LeMonds, Palma Jensen, Corrinne Kuehner

Those Serving in the Armed Forces:  Hunter Whitten, Sam Gallow, Tyler Kleine


 Sympathy Thank you

The Koppert family wants to thank everyone for the love, support, prayers, memorial donations  and cards after Gene's death. We knew how much he loved his church family and during this time your love was returned. He will be missed but never far from our hearts and memories. 

Gods blessing to you all,

Stephen, KC, Gary, Lynne, Jason and Lori. 






August Birthdays

1    Clarance Knutson

      Olaf Gieseke

      Michael Bontoft

      Bocephus Johnson

3    Kathy Strain 

      Betty Light

5    Becky Lee 

      Conner Ness

      Beth Coleman

7    Brooke Hefley

9    Preston Foster

      Tom Cunningham

11  Cheryl Smith

12  Carol Oswalt

      Jacob Rahn

13  Dan Hecker

      Howard Houser

14  Philip Portwood

15  Addie Ashby

16   Kathy Cooper

       Karen Cloke

17   Gary Wilbur 

       Samuel Gallow

       Elle Gallow

18   Jeanette Foster

21   Heidi Mitchell

       Jim LeMonds

       Alonzo Ogden

30    Cheyanne Smith

31    Cory Johnson

        Amanda Snow



August Baptismal Birthdays

1   Janet Bamford

2   Cody Moore

     Justin Sicklovan

4   Ariel Bryan

7    Dan Crisman

9    Darlene Jackson

13 Cassie Hensley

17 Elizabeth LeMonds

20 Deaken Heller

     Ryker Heller

     Ben Ross

27 Kaitlynn Kittelson


August Anniversaries

3     Casey & Sarah Davis Bryan - 15 years

5     Glenn & Beth Gates-Milhiser 

6     Ken & Sandee Ness - 52 years

        Dave & Jacki Whittaker - 51 years

7      Eric & Susan Denison 

11    Kevin & Debbie Lyon 

12    Molly & Troy Franklin 

13    Brian & Mindy Kleine 

16    Cory & Lisa Johnson 

19    Lloyd & Heather Snow Jr. 

        Ryan & Katrina Hinesley 

24    Boyd & Linda McCall - 55 years

26    Robert & Becky Danhauser  

31    Cyril & Mary Kittelson