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"We are one body in Christ, united in baptism, renewed through

worship and prayer, and sent by God to serve"

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I love to tell the story, ’tis pleasant to repeat,
What seems each time I tell it more wonderfully sweet;
I love to tell the story, for some have never heard
The message of salvation from God’s own holy Word.
I love to tell the story, for those who know it best
Seem hungering and thirsting to hear it like the rest;
And when in scenes of glory I sing the new, new song,
’Twill be the old, old story that I have loved so long.
Yes, it is that time of year when we toss out the old and bring in the new. It is that time when there is a sense that we start with a clean slate and that we can change and reform our lives. It is the time when resolutions are made (and then sometimes broken). It is also that time when, with all of the presents and stuff that we received during the Christmas season, room has to be made. But this also presents the problem of what to do with the old stuff that is being replaced. What becomes of them?  Do they get tossed? Repurposed by taking them to Goodwill or waiting for a summer garage sale? Put them into storage? This is one reason the big box stores put storage containers of various sizes and shapes on sale. In fact Deb and I bought a bunch over this past weekend (precisely because they were on sale).
Now this may be ok for the physical things that are a part of our lives, but the same cannot be true for the good news of God in Jesus. The gospel is not meant to be brought out just on Sundays or special occasions and then put away until the next time its needed or worse put into storage never to be seen or heard from. Rather, as the song implies, even though it is an old, old story, it is also a new, new story every time it’s told.  It isn’t just quoted scripture passages, or the stories of faithful (and not so faithful) people of the bible, it is also the story of each and every one of us, and how God through the Holy Spirit is working in our lives and the lives around us. Everyday it becomes a new, new story, one that is meant to be shared and retold so that others might know the power of God to save and redeem all of us.

I write this because there is lament within this community that as attendance is declining there doesn’t seem like much we can do. Therefore, as we begin this new year, I encourage you to go tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else you come into contact with, this amazing story of God’s good news in your life. Tell them that this story of love and forgiveness is for them. Tell them that, in this time of new beginnings, that they too can have their lives reformed and that their slates of their lives can be wiped clean. And then invite them here, to this place that will welcome and embrace them. Invite them, so that they too will hear the old, old story about God’s saving grace.                                           -Pr. Bobi “I Love to Tell the Story” Arabella K. Hankey, William G. Fischer, © Public Domain (ELW #661)


 "Now to the one who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to the power that is at work within us, to him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen" [Ephesians 3:20]

Last Sunday, I mentioned an advertisement for the WA Lottery entitled, the “Department of Imagination”. The ads invite the viewers to imagine what life would be like IF you buy a lottery ticket and IF you happen to win. The implication is that one would win and then could spend their newfound wealth in a variety of scenarios.  Like most ads, they are fanciful and not actually grounded in reality. 

However, I think there is a deeper meaning behind those ads. What would life be like if one was free from the constraints of everyday living and all that that implies? What would you do? I’ve often imagined what I’d do if I won the lottery, and I would like to think it wouldn’t benefit just me and my family (of course this gets back to the fact one has to play in order to even have a chance to win). Don’t we as a community of faith have some of those same hopes and dreams for St Paul? Much of the discussion around here for the last several years has been; “Where do we go? What do we do? Our community is getting smaller, its getting older, its losing energy. We don’t seem to be moving forward.” 

Can we imagine a different future for this congregation? The church council has been tackling this very question now for the last year or so. We’ve looked at books that might help us look forward instead of where we are or even backwards. One other avenue we are exploring is a program that the synod has been promoting for the last several years. It’s called, appropriately, “Imagine”.  It is described as  “…a project for congregations committed to ongoing renewal… [it] provokes us to imagine what is possible when God is at work within us, in the creative and careful nurture of relationships and community.  Imagine congregations experience community building through mutual sharing and encouragement in a series of six overnight retreats (over 2 years) and engage in homework between each retreat. Topics covered through the retreats include, but are not be limited to, the following:
God's mission, our purpose; Faith story as Evangelism; Listening to God through word, one another, & neighbor; Navigating change & conflict; Beyond membership to discipleship; Asset & community mapping; Multiplying leaders; Worship as public witness; Holy Experimentation.  Congregations are invited to send their pastor and 3-4 lay leaders to each Imagine retreat.”

This program isn‘t just for the leadership or the pastor of the church. It will take involvement and buy-in from each and every one of us. It asks that we stretch our imaginations of what we as a church can do and be for ourselves, our neighbors, and our community. It asks that we look at who we are and whose we are and to trust that He is leading us to new and great adventures in trusting Him. Frankly I can imagine that. What about you?

-Pr Bob
 iImagine Project Description – SW WA synod ELCA

Parish Nurse
Exercise and the Bible?
Exercise can help relieve arthritis pain, but you must follow a regular routine to see improvement.  One study showed that moderate exercise helped lessen symptoms of osteoarthritis in people over age 60. 
As we need to exercise routinely to promote good health and prevent disease, we also need another form of exercise that has greater rewards.  “Bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come”. 1Tmothy 4:8.

So as we exercise our body to promote health, we must exercise to receive spiritual health.  To reach that goal we must exercise our faith.  

Why not start a spiritual and physical exercise program as soon as possible?
To your health, 
K.C. Babcock, R.N.

Property and Finance News
Some of you may have noticed a few changes happening around the building… We are having early alert smoke detectors installed from the attic to the basement!  They will be monitored by the same system our existing sprinkler system in the fellowship hall uses.  So, now if there is a fire smoldering somewhere in the building the smoke alarms will detect it and send a signal to central dispatch, who will then call the fire department.  Of course, the fire department will need access, so you will soon also notice a fire box mounted on the outside of the building.  The placement of this is still to be determined.

Another exciting change will be an Access Control system (which is scheduled to go live in mid September).  The system will replace keys with card access.  There are many wonderful reasons to use this system to help protect us and our building.  One of my favorite reasons is the security camera and door buzzer that will be located outside the office door.  This camera will provide a view of the person outside to three indoor monitors and is paired with a manual unlock switch in each office and the daycare.   This will eliminate the door being left unlocked and unsupervised.  One question being asked is will the door always be locked?  No, it will not -  but would you leave your house unlocked and unsupervised?  

If you currently have a key and use the building outside of business hours there will be a clip board in the back of the sanctuary to sign up for a key card.

Thank you all for helping us with these changes to our building.  Once we get the hang of the new system it will be awesome!  Property and Finance will be available for questions.

-Jackie Schwinn

Movie/Pizza Night
Sat., Sept. 22 at 6 p.m.

Tentatively the movie will be I Can Only Imagine. (Story of Mercy Me band leader  Bart Millard)

All are invited to this fun evening! 



Monthly Financial Report

Figures are regarding 

the General Fund: 

Total giving:

 July:   $12,460.00

  August:  $9,847.00

Approximately $13,000 is needed each month to cover expenses.

Thank you for your faithfulness!




Christian Comedian Brad Stine 

Coming to St. Paul

Wed., October 10th 

7 p.m.


Stine's style has been described by Newsweek as "conservative " with a "rat-a-tat delivery" and by The New Yorker as "frantic," "conservative," and "ADHD," with echoes of Robin Williams, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Alan Keyes." However, unlike these and a lot of other comedians, Stine does not use profanity or sexual humor because of his conservative Christian faith. 

He has been described as "a clean Denis Leary" and his material targets "liberals, humanists, political correctness and judgmental Christians."Stine has claimed that his conservatism has sometimes resulted in the loss of appearances. Stine himself claims that much of his more extreme material is facetious and satire, getting riled up for humorous effect in order to make a point.

This event will be open to the community.




Kids Clothes Closet

KCC Distribution held 8/24 served 47 families and over 100 students.  Thank you to the many people who help to make this possible.  So many facets: sorting, setting-up, taking time with the families (to find outfits that fit, give them socks, underwear, and cards to purchase new shoes), bag day on Sat. (free clothes to anyone who stops in), and clean up.  Thank you to Roxanne Knutson and Anita Gallow for their coordinating efforts.



The Altar Guild Needs Volunteers

People are needed to help with communion set-up/clean-up on Sunday mornings.  If interested, you can talk with any of the current members regarding the responsibilities involved.  They are: Janet Eiden, Deb Sinclair, Katrina Hinesley, Lynne Donahe, or Sharon Blankenship.   Each member is in a two week cycle of rotation.


Fall Bible Studies Begin Wed.,

Sept. 5th at 6:30 p.m.

Women - We will be studying, Jesus, the One and Only by Beth Moore by Beth Moore. It is a 10 week study and will take us up to Thanksgiving.  A sign-up sheet is on the back table.  Cost is $16. 

Adults -  Moses and the Burning Bush, led by Dan Shero, will be studied. All adults interested are invited to attend.



Family Bowling Night 

 Churches within the Lower Columbia Cluster are having a bowling event on Saturday, Sept. 29th at the Triangle Bowl.  All are invited for bowling and pizza.




Would Teaching Sunday School Interest You?

Not every Sunday, but once a month?  Sunday School will begin Sunday, September 9th  and is open to 3-12 year olds. Due to the unavailability of volunteers to take on the whole year, the Christian Ed. Committee has agreed to open up the opportunity to anyone who may want to teach now and again.  There is a sign-up sheet on the back table with available dates that you pick for yourself.  Questions?  Talk to Jennifer Lux or Elena Ross.  Volunteers for general help are always appreciated as well.


Youth Groups


Youth Groups will be starting Wednesday, September 12th at 6:30 p.m. and will meet every other week.  Grades 4th - 6th will be led by Jennifer Lux and 8th -12th by Elena Ross.




Confirmation Parent/Student Orientation is Wednesday, September 5th at 6:30 p.m.  Classes will start September 19th and meet every other Wed.


Pastor Bob's Shoutouts


Thank You to:

Earl Small & Paul Schwinn for painting the posts in the parking lot, and replacing the plexiglass in  outdoor sign.

• Kevin Rahn for leading the monthly Men’s Night.

• Dayne Johnston for filling in for Geri in the church office when she is gone.

• Elena Ross and Jerod Vandehey for chaperoning the youth’s mission trip.

• Those helping with the monthly after service luncheons.

• All those involved from St. Paul who helped with the Kids Lunches this summer (4 weeks worth! ) and all other churches who were instrumental in keeping the program going: C.R. Christian, Apostolic Lutheran, The Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, C.R. Baptist, and St. Mary’s Catholic.

• Everyone from the Property & Finance Committee that cleaned the third floor. 

• Tiffany Seidl for taking over as KCC sorter.

• Earl Small for faithfully watering flowers and the lawn to keep the outside beautiful.



We received the news that Pastor Gerald Conrad has died.  He was the pastor here at St. Paul from 1963-1967.  Cards can be sent to:

Victoria Conrad

5005 S.W. Murray Blvd. #901

Beaverton, OR 97005

Betty Yates recently had back surgery and is in her new home and doing well.  Her new address and phone number are:

Betty Yates

Crista Shores Senior Center    B-13

1600 N.W.  Crist Shores Lane

Silverdale, WA 98383





Prayers for Members and Friends

Please remember these people with your prayers, phone calls, visits or cards:

Those with Health Concerns:  Laurie Ross-Aristide, Al Black,  Bob Bruner, Beth Hinesley, Christine Koppert, Crystal Hummel, Angie Bowers, Angie Manfreddi, Jean Jones, Eric Smith, Darlene Jackson, Betty Light, Don Miller, Katie Frei, Sharon Blankenship, Mary Mage, Linda Titus, Katie Ogden; 

Care Givers and Care Receivers:  Joyce LeMonds, Palma Jensen, Corrinne Kuehner, Vi Benham

Those Serving in the Armed Forces:  Hunter Whitten, Sam Gallow, Tyler Kleine, Eddie Oswalt


 A Special Thank You to Two Special Ladies

 - Lynne Donahe for her many years of volunteering to sort the clothes for Kids Clothes Closet AND being part of the Altar Guild.  She is stepping down as of October 1st from both of these duties.  Thank you to Tiffany Seidl for agreeing to take over as the KCC sorter.  Always an opening for more Altar Guild members! 

- Linda Titus for her many years of teaching Sunday School and working with the youth groups. Her passion for the spiritual well-being of our kids is evident in the loving ways she gave of herself and time.  Husband Don too!

Thanks, Lynne and Linda!


September Birthdays

3    Tyler Adams

4    Kevin Rahn

6    Pr. Sue Wanwig

7    Joseph Hummel

10   Cody Lux

11   K.C. Babcock

      Austin Ogden

12   William Schaafsma

14   Mikel Skreen

        Cara Kittelson

15   Larissa Moore

17   Gretchen Schwinn

       Easton Ashby

18   Darcy Davidson

19   Geri Skreen

       Darren Ashby

       Helga Prim

21   Diana Rahn

25   Dayne Johnston

28   Steve Foster

29 Pr. Carol Kyllingstad

September Baptismal Birthdays

14   Kathy Strain

17   Kelsey Foster

20   Dan Oswalt

21   Tessa Hensley

     Granville Oswalt

       Koen Ross

      Makayla Wilbur

25   Noah Myers

28   Bill White


October Birthdays

3   Shirley Cooper

4    Dave Foster

     Anita Gallow  

6   Tim Ogden  

7   Vicki Masten

8    Garrett Ashby

      Ron Blankenship

10  Dan Shero

13  Earl Small

      Matt Ray

16  Lori Jacques

      Molly Franklin

17  Becky Dahlman

      Pr. Holger Holtz

18  David Wood

19  Julie Davidson

21   Mali Skreen

       Nancy Vandehey

22   Hadley Bryan

24   Peggy Droz

25   Ken Solberg

26   Reed Ness

       Courtney Welty

       Sarah Corral

27   Brian Masten

       Mona Bryant

28   Dave Small

31   Sarah  Bryan

October Baptismal Birthdays

2   Mikel Skreen

7   Ashlee Eatherton

      Maggie Ashby

      Lawson Masten

9    Bo Johnson

15  Jerry Borgaard

      Avery Ness

16   Isabella Janisch

17   Zadun Ross

20   Carly Davidson

       Darcy Davidson

       Emily Foster

21   David Foster

22   Kaitlyn Snow

       Lloyd Snow

       Connor Ness

23   Jacob Rahn

24  Colleen Langdon

26   Gayle Agren

       Tom Cooley

        Roger Gallow

27   Hadley Bryan



September Anniversaries

6     Brad & Stephanie Ness 

8     Tom & Anna Cunningham - 56 years

9     Ed & Lorraine Berndt - 67 years

10   Al Black & Betty Light - 35 years

       Bill & Marlene White - 63 years

20    Robert & Sandi Nolden 

30    Steve & K.C. Babcock 

October Anniversaries

2     Bill & Renee Nikolaus 

 5     Penny & Larry Hensley 

 7     Nate & Josie Swim 

12    George & Phyllis Ogden - 45 years

15    Janet & Mark Eiden 

17    Marvin & Marsha Gallow  

20    Kevin & Diana Rahn 

24    Jim & Dayne Johnston