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Good News of St. Paul 

 May - June   2018


Pastor's Page

I love to tell the story, ’tis pleasant to repeat,
What seems each time I tell it more wonderfully sweet;
I love to tell the story, for some have never heard
The message of salvation from God’s own holy Word.
I love to tell the story, for those who know it best
Seem hungering and thirsting to hear it like the rest;
And when in scenes of glory I sing the new, new song,
’Twill be the old, old story that I have loved so long.
Yes, it is that time of year when we toss out the old and bring in the new. It is that time when there is a sense that we start with a clean slate and that we can change and reform our lives. It is the time when resolutions are made (and then sometimes broken). It is also that time when, with all of the presents and stuff that we received during the Christmas season, room has to be made. But this also presents the problem of what to do with the old stuff that is being replaced. What becomes of them?  Do they get tossed? Repurposed by taking them to Goodwill or waiting for a summer garage sale? Put them into storage? This is one reason the big box stores put storage containers of various sizes and shapes on sale. In fact Deb and I bought a bunch over this past weekend (precisely because they were on sale).
Now this may be ok for the physical things that are a part of our lives, but the same cannot be true for the good news of God in Jesus. The gospel is not meant to be brought out just on Sundays or special occasions and then put away until the next time its needed or worse put into storage never to be seen or heard from. Rather, as the song implies, even though it is an old, old story, it is also a new, new story every time it’s told.  It isn’t just quoted scripture passages, or the stories of faithful (and not so faithful) people of the bible, it is also the story of each and every one of us, and how God through the Holy Spirit is working in our lives and the lives around us. Everyday it becomes a new, new story, one that is meant to be shared and retold so that others might know the power of God to save and redeem all of us.
I write this because there is lament within this community that as attendance is declining there doesn’t seem like much we can do. Therefore, as we begin this new year, I encourage you to go tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else you come into contact with, this amazing story of God’s good news in your life. Tell them that this story of love and forgiveness is for them. Tell them that, in this time of new beginnings, that they too can have their lives reformed and that their slates of their lives can be wiped clean. And then invite them here, to this place that will welcome and embrace them. Invite them, so that they too will hear the old, old story about God’s saving grace.                                           -Pr. Bobi “I Love to Tell the Story” Arabella K. Hankey, William G. Fischer, © Public Domain (ELW #661)
“For Christ did not send me [Paul] to baptize but to proclaim the gospel, and not with eloquent wisdom, so that the cross of Christ might not be emptied of its power.“ [1Cor 1:17 NIV)

“God didn’t send me [Paul] out to collect a following for myself, but to preach the Message of what he has done, collecting a following for him. And he didn’t send me to do it with a lot of fancy rhetoric of my own, lest the powerful action at the center—Christ on the Cross-be trivialized into mere words.”[1Cor 1:17 MSG] 

Looking at the above scripture verses, both of which come from the same source, which one is easier to understand? Some of you might say the 1st one while others of you might find the 2nd easier to read. I believe that this, in part, gets to what I was speaking about in my sermon on 4/22. What kind of language do we use when we are preaching, that is proclaiming, the good news of God in Jesus? Are we using simple language to communicate how Jesus has changed our lives, or do we use “churchy” words to speak to that topic? In other words, does how we talk to others indicate to them that they may be “insiders” or ‘outsiders”? Maybe another way to put this is: do we know our audience when we speak of God?

In my sermon, I brought up some words that we on the “inside” use with some degree of regularity that might be confusing to those who may not be familiar with them. However this assumes that we may foggy on what they mean as well. With the help of John McKinley of the Talbot School of Theology at Biola University and his article: “7 ‘Churchy’ Words and the Need for Clarity”, I present to you 4 of the 7 words he talks about. 

“Bless, blessed, blessing” - I love the idea. The English word comes from blood, as in consecration through sacrifice. In different contexts the meaning may be “happiness” or “to please” or blessings that are “good things.” Is “blessed” different from the normal condition of “happy”? Only Christians use the word because there is a religious background to it in biblical translation. Webster’s Dictionary opened my eyes to the levels of meaning I had no idea about with this word: “1. to make or declare holy by a spoken formula or a sign; hallow; consecrate; 2. to ask divine favor for; 3. to favor or endow; 4. to make happy or prosperous; gladden; 6. to praise or glorify”; etc. We may need to use rich phrases instead of the shorthand of one word: “I want to please God,” “God has done so much good for me,” “God has filled up my satisfaction,” “I desire the best for her,” “May God care for you today.” (Incidentally, the word we have reduced to “bye” and “goodbye” came from the richer “God be with you.”)

“Glory, glorify” - The term is all over the Bible, our songs, our conversation. The OT term has the idea of “to be heavy,” as in the weightiness of God’s love and demonstration of his power. The NT term has ideas of “shining light, splendor, honor, praise, to show the truth.” It’s often similar to praise, but praise is usually done about someone else, while “glorify” is something God may demonstrate about Himself by doing something grand. As substitutes, I suggest we can say: “When God’s people make sacrifices, it shows the truth about God, that He is worthy of these sacrifices,” “They saw the truth about Jesus when He was transfigured.”

“Grace” - In biblical usage grace is related to “gift,” both in the undeserved favor we have with God because of Jesus (including forgiveness and righteousness), and the unearned empowerment of God’s presence and action in our lives. Grace is sometimes an operative power (a veiled reference to the Holy Spirit). Grace is mostly a work of God towards us, and not so much a work we do towards others. Sadly, Christians seem to use “grace” in the way the culture has taken over the term to mean, “let me slide here.” Banks offer a “grace period.” I would prefer that we retrieve the biblical meaning of “grace” and separate this usage from merely “forgiveness” or “give me a break here” or “love” that the term has come to mean.

“Sin, sinful, sinners” - I saw a fingernail polish label “Sinful Colors” and realized how empty the term sin has become for our culture. Some Christians are still uncomfortable with the term, so they talk of their “sins” as “mistakes” or they say, “I messed up.” When I thought about everyday language that fit what the Bible actually means by “sin” I settled on “failure” and “crime.” Both of these alternative terms make sense to non-Christians and Christians alike. Since we are a culture that is far removed from target-metaphors drawn from spears, slings, and archery, maybe it’s time for an update. Our “sins” are crimes against God and other people. We have a rap sheet that makes us felons before God (if we are apart from Jesus). I like crimes because the term has revulsion to it. It’s also less easy to label lying as a “little crime” the way we might do with saying “little sins” as in the term peccadillos. No, when I lied, I committed a crime; I am a criminal. I think everyone understands that severity better than the terms “sinner” and “sinful” that are mostly religious (and meaningless to many people).”
I hope you find these definitions as helpful as I found them. Our job, our responsibility, our response to God’s grace and mercy as disciples of Jesus is to bring  [proclaim, preach] the gospel of Jesus to all whom we meet. Therefore, for the sake of non-Christians, and for newer Christians, I hope and pray that our use of “churchy” jargon will not confuse or turn away those who may be aching to hear about the amazing gift the God wants to give them.  -Pr. Bob


Results of the Council Elections
The council met Saturday, March 3rd at David and Jacki Whittaker’s for their annual retreat. Elections were held for council positions and liaisons for committees for the year.

Executive Officers
President: Glen Agren
Vice President - Katie Ogden
Secretary - Jacob Rahn

Committee Liaisons
Stewardship - Jacki Whittaker
Christian Ed. -  Jennifer Lux and Koen Ross
Worship - Dan Oswalt
Property and Finance - Ron Blankenship
Fellowship - Al Black
At Large - Bob Larsen

Positions taken at the April 12th meeting:
Treasurer - Leann Beall
Audit Committee - Jacki Whittaker
Nominating Committee - Jacob Rahn

Thank you to all who serve on the council!

 Chaplaincy Dinner/Auction
This annual event is Saturday, May 12.  As of this writing there are still 3 available tickets (paid for).  If you would like to attend, please contact Pastor Bob, or see Geri, in the office.

Synod Educational Gathering
May 19th at St. Andrew Lutheran in Vancouver. 
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.  
 Cost is $30, (includes lunch) and will be covered by St. Paul.  Registration is needed.  Please see Geri, in the office, if interested. 

Living Stones Prison Ministry Raffle
Win a custom $5000  vacation.  Tickets are $10 each or 6 for $50 and are on sale through Thursday, May 31st.

All proceeds will support and benefit Living Stones Prison Congregation. Drawing will be June 20th.  If someone would like to handle ticket sales, please see Pastor Bob or Geri, or call the office.

Program For Strengthening Active 
Lay Ministry   (PSALM)
Have you ever thought about Lay Ministry?  The SWWA Synod office has an opportunity available, if you are seriously considering. Courses for the program are found online, at retreats, and area gatherings. 
Contact Pastor Bob for more information if you are curious to know more details. 

Local Homeless Care Packages
Potluck and Movie Night
Bethany, Gloria Dei, Stella, Trinity, and St. Paul Lutheran Churches will assemble care packages for our local homeless as we come together over a potluck, movie, and service to our neighbor.  The date is Friday, June 8th at 6 p.m. and will take place here at St. Paul’s.

Suggested donation items are: 
Comforts: Activity books and travel games, playing cards,  reusable bags (cloth).
Food: Sports drinks, water, fruit snacks, crackers, granola bars, cookies, applesauce/fruit cups (please donate these items in individual sized packages).
Personal Hygiene: wipes, chapstick, deodorant, kleenex, lotion, mouthwash, q-tips, soap, sunscreen, toothbrushes, shaving cream, wash cloths, shampoo and conditioner.
Clothing: Bandanas, socks, and t-shirts.

Consider donating purses/bags that can hold these items and continue to be used by the individuals receiving the care packages.



Parish Nurse

Benefits of Sleep

Adequate sleep is the key of a healthy lifestyle and can benefit your heart, weight, mind and more! At least 6 hours are needed and 8 is better! Here are a few things that adequate sleep will do for you: 

Improve your health, live longer, spur creativity, improve your grades, sharpen attention, healthy weight, and lower stress.  Sleep also helps curb inflammation that is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and premature aging. Find a balance in your sleep, and don’t think you can make it up on weekend! Sweet dreams! 

To your health,
KC Babcock, RN 


Monthly Financial Report

Figures are regarding 

the General Fund: 

Total giving:

 March:  $12,068.00

  April:  $14,548.00

Approximately $13,000 is needed each month to cover expenses.

Thank you for your faithfulness!







6 p.m.

This is a youth fund raiser to help the kids raise fees for summer camp.

Take a break from cooking and come support the kids.  

Great food - and - plan to stay for Bingo!





(after service)

Stay for lunch.

Visit with friends.

Relax a spell.

Please bring a salad or dessert to share.

(Thank you Fellowship Committee and all who helped make this happen!)




MAY 13

(after service)

Another great fund raiser for our youth!

Various hanging baskets and baked goodies will be for sale.  

(Good gift ideas for all of the ‘moms’ out there!) JOIN IN ON THE FUN TIMES AHEAD!



With Sympathy

Sandy Logan, Tiffany Seidl’s mother, passed away on Friday, March 30th.  Her memorial was Saturday, April 21st with Pastor Bob Sinclair officiating.

 Blessed Be Her Memory.





Pastor Bob's Shoutouts


Thank You to:

▸ Earl Small for unwrapping the 125 new chairs and readying them to use in the fellowship hall - tedious work!

▸ Ron Blankenship for cleaning the oven hood, grill, and doors

▸ All of the soup makers during the Lenten Wed. night Soup and Bread meals: Nancy Vandehey, Tina Smith, Jenn Lux (2x), Katie Ogden, Carol Oswalt, Diana Rahn (2x), Janet Eiden, and Elena Ross.  Thanks also to the youth who helped with clean-up, Janet Eiden for providing the bread and milk, Sharon Blankenship for her help (set-up, etc), and anyone else who assisted with this endeavor.

▸ Those who led the Holden Evening Prayer services during Lent: Neal & Shirley Johnson, Elena and Koen Ross, Clarance & Roxanne Knutson, Katie Ogden, The Praise Team, and  accompanist, Philip Portwood.

▸ Deb Sinclair, Jackie & Paul Schwinn, Corlan & Earl Small, and Glen Agren for decorating during the Lent/Easter season.

▸ Earl for clean-up and mowing the lawn.

▸ Glen Agren for fixing the parking lot poles.

▸ The Funeral Committee and congregation for providing food/serving at Sandy Logan’s memorial.  Also, Earl Small for ushering and Erika Agren for flower centerpieces for the luncheon tables.



Prayers for Members and Friends

Please remember these people with your prayers, phone calls, visits or cards:


Those with Health Concerns:  

Laurie Ross-Aristide, Al Black, Shauna Rose, Bob Bruner, Beth Hinesley, Joel Royce, Christine Koppert, Chuck Kersey, Todd Risner, Crystal Hummel,  Eric Smith, Darlene Jackson, Betty Light; 

Care Givers and Care Receivers:  Joyce LeMonds, Palma Jensen, Corrinne Kuehner, Vi Benham

Those Serving in the Armed Forces:  Hunter Whitten, Sam Gallow, Tyler Kleine, Eddie Oswalt



May Birthdays

3    Pr. Sylvia Mueller

      Violette Benham

 4    Mick Seidl

      Mike Cloke

5     Kenna Remmers

6     Regan Smith

7     Shaylynn Houser

8     Don Strain

11   Brad Cooper

13   Claire Catt 

       Jessica Hensley 

15   Karen Cripe

       Tiffany Seidl

16  McKinnley Franklin

17   Rachael Myers

18   Ben Johnston

       Gracie Whitten

       Lucas Myers

19   Susan Davis

       Cheri Houser

       Shirley Kittelson

22   Nathan Ross

       Joe Shero

23   Flannery Martin

24   Carl Kittelson 

       Caleb Neuneker 

       Avery Ness

27   Harriet Shero

29   Tessa Hensley

31   Lauren Foster

       Karen Ray

May Baptismal Birthdays 

4   Cody Jenkins

5   Cyril Kittelson

6  DiannaWatenpaugh

11  Brad Cooper

12  Aubrey Schaak

13 Becky Danhauser

16  Baylee Kittelson

      Cara Kittelson

17  Jasmine Ogden

      Austin Ogden

20  Sarah Masten

      Addie Ashby

22  Kathy McDaniel

   McKinnley Franklin

       Gracie Whitten

24   Glen Agren

25   Jacob Jones

       Easton Ross

29   Erika Agren

31   Lauren Foster

May Anniversaries

 1    Pastor Bob and Deb Sinclair 

4    Don & Kathy Strain 

12  Brian & Leah Pederson 

15  Russell & Teresa Stagner 

      Lucas & Rachael Myers 

17  Jim & Sherri Knutson

18   Sandy Catt & Bary Bruner 

25  Bill & Tracy Gould


June Birthdays
5 Sarah Masten
6 Kaitlyn Snow
9 Ken Ness
Laura Davis
10 Lewis Fickett 
11 Justin Foster
Katie Ogden
12 Madalyn Seidl
        Boris Langdon
16 Jerry Borgaard
Alyssa Hudson
David Ray
17 Neil Agren 
Jessica Lair
       Valerie Crisman
18 Hannah Whitten
Jaime Amrine
19 Colleen Langdon
Janet Bamford
Ashley Lyon
20 Makayla Wilbur
22 Harlan Kittelson
Dorthy Nielsen-Dallum
23 Nicole Seidl
Hannah Lair
27 Alexandrea Jones
28 Lynne Donahe
Tyler Traver
30   Breonna Hefley


June Baptismal Birthdays

1    Gary Wilbur

      Richard Skreen

5    Wm Schaafsma

6    Marsha Gallow

     Monte Hartshorn

8    Kyle Foster

9    Shirley Cooper

11  Ellen Miller

15  Don Strain

     Tyler Kleine

20  Bob Ross

22  Raelinda Locke

28  Jessica Hensley

29  Carl Kittelson


June Anniversaries

     4    Brigitte & Michael Bontoft - 35 years

9    Jerry & Karen Cripe

12  Bill & Debbie Gould

       Fred & Leann Beall - 25 years

16  Jim & Kathy McDaniel 

17   Nathan & Elena Ross 

20   Stan & Carol Adams -1981

21   Clarance & Roxanne Knutson 

24   Don & Linda Titus - 51 years

26   Jon & Julie Davidson 

       Howard & Cheri Houser - 25 years

29   Wallace E. & Jill Lair