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St. Paul Lutheran Church Council Minutes
May 10, 2018
Members Present: Katie Ogden, Glen Agren, Al Black, Ron Blankenship, Jacob Rahn, Dan Oswalt, Jennifer Lux, Jacki Whittaker, Koen Ross
Absent: None
Guests: Leann Beall, Pastor Bob
1. Meeting called to order and reading of mission statement.
a. Meeting was called at 7:24 p.m.
b. Treasure’s Report: We finished $2,440 positive in April.
c. Minutes, Treasure, and Pastor’s report were approved
2. Committee Updates
a. Christian Education: Successful J-Street fundraiser, getting ready to go to camp, new kids have joined the youth group. This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day bake sale and kids will go sing at the Villager.
i. Koen had no report
b. Worship: Pentecost Sunday coming up. June 3rd is Senior Sunday, we are not positive if any seniors will show up (4 potential) K.C. Babcock will try to confirm. Suggestion to have the Worship Task Force review their decision to have the service brought back to 10:00 a.m.
i. Al Black motioned to continue service at 10:30 a.m. during the summer. Ron Blankenship seconded the motion. Motion passed.
c. Property & Finance: No Meeting.
d. Stewardship: No Meeting.
e. Fellowship: June 8th 6 p.m. at St. Paul Lutheran Meeting for Homeless Care Package Assembly, movie night, and potluck. Upcoming Movie nights; Aug 4th, Sept 21st, Nov 10th.  If you have any movie ideas please let Al know in advance. Upcoming Lunches; Hawaiian BBQ June 17th, July 29th, Sept. 2nd volunteers needed.
f. “At Large”: Attended Steering Committee, discussed Bethany Lutheran’s Caribbean dinner June 16th 5:00 pm $17 per person.
3. Old Business
a. Family Promise: St. Paul plans to host and will be supported by Castle Rock Churches, this will still come to a vote before the congregation. A passenger van has been donated. They have seven congregations hosting and need six more host congregations. We need to begin organizing for getting volunteers lined up. We have to provide linens and clean them. 
b. We need to make sure our shower is properly working. Fire Marshal needs to inspect the rooms guests will be staying in for smoke detectors. They will be having fundraisers to fund this program such as at Squirrel Fest.
i. Jacob Rahn made a motion to bring Family Promise before the Congregation when Council presents the constitutional changes. Katie Ogden seconded. Motion passed.
c. Membership Rolls: Geri is going back on to it.
d. Vanco: Al Black motioned to terminate Vanco after the free trial ends. Jacki Whittaker seconded. Motion passed.
e. Assign Appointments: 
i. Financial Secretary: Jacki Whittaker motioned to keep Al Black as Financial Secretary. Jennifer Lux seconded. Motion Passed. 
ii. Memorial Committee: We will address this next meeting.
iii. Archivist: K.C. Babcock was recommended for the position. Glen will be reaching out to KC.
f. Synod Educational Event: May 19th Pastor Bob and Glen Agren will be attending.
4. New Business
a. Lawn Mowing: Cortez Lawn Services will be taking care of St. Paul yard work twice a month, every other week for $150 a month. We will be getting a lawn mower donated to us, and Earl will be getting a can of gas for times in between Cortez Lawn Services.
b. Church Constitution Revisions: Jacki  Whittaker motioned to bring the Church Constitution Revisions to the congregation to be approved. Glen Agren seconded. Motion Passed 6 to 3.
i. Glen Agren called a special meeting for June 10th to present the Church Constitution Revisions and Family Promise to the Congregation.
c. Royal Family KIDS Camp: Give Foster kids approximately ages 7-12 a week in a Christian camp. Takes place in July. Katie is requesting $1000.00 for this program. The average cost is $600 a child.  
i. Jacob Rahn motioned to give $6000.00 to Royal Family KIDS Camp from the Emerson Fund,.Jacki Whittaker seconded. Motion Passed.
d. H.S. Sr. Recognition: K.C. will look into whether there will be any seniors.
5. Visioning Time:
a. Yoga for Yahweh
b. Pastor Bob asked how many people have we invited to church.
c. Jennifer Lux would like to organize hikes.
6. Meeting Adjourned at 9:44 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Jacob Rahn, Secretary


October 11, 2018

Members Present:  Earl Small, Katie Ogden, Al Black, Jennifer Lux, Jacki Whittaker, Dan Oswalt, Bob Larsen, Ron Blankenship

Members Absent:  Glen Agren, Koen Ross

Guests:  Leann Beall

Guests Absent:  Pastor Bob Sinclair

Leann Beall led a Bible study on Have a Good Day, Unless…

1.  Call to order and the reading of the mission statement

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

The minutes were read and approved.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

No pastor’s report.

2.  Committee reports

Christian Education -   87 quarts of cider were made.  Youth group holding steady at 20.  Sunday  school 8-10 kids.  Need more help with Sunday school.  Plans for the Christmas program December 16th.  Youth group will go caroling on one of their nights.  Possible end of November or in December, caroling/worship night and bake sale fundraiser.  

Worship Committee - No meeting this month

Property and Finance - OSHA  Came to visit this week.  They came to make a general inspection including the ramp to the basement in preparation for Family Promise.  Property and Finance will wait until the report comes back before any decisions will be made.

Stewardship - No report.

Fellowship - October 28th is Reformation Sunday and there will be a potluck.  The Trunk or Treat is on Halloween from 5:00-6:30.  

At Large -  Last Steering Committee meeting planned Thanksgiving serving on November 18th, 3:00 at Bethany.

3. Old Business

Family Promise - We have 12 churches and are waiting on the 13th church.

Brad Stine Event -  Although we did not get the numbers that we hoped for, it was definitely a fun, entertaining and inspiring evening.  There were 78 people in attendance and the offering brought in $323.  Also, at least three children were sponsored through the Compassion International program.  Several people commented on how the event touched them.

Membership Rolls - Still in progress.

Youth Director Position - Discussed at last Christian Ed. meeting, but no movement at this point.

Security/Fire System  - Will go online shortly after both Geri Skreen and Pastor Bob get back.  Sign-up if you want a keycard.  

4. New Business

       Pastor Appreciation Sunday  - Jennifer Lux will take care of presenting the card.

      Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami -  Earl Small is inquiring if St. Paul would like to contribute to the Lutheran Disaster Response Team.  Jacki Whittaker made a motion to donate $500 from the Mission Fund to the Lutheran Disaster Response Team for Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami.  Jennifer Lux seconded.  Motion passed.

       Pumpkin Carving at Whittaker’s October 27th at 5:00 p..m.  Bring a snack to share and your own pumpkin and carving tools.

5.  Visioning

Council was concerned about some reduction in attendance.  A discussion ensued on the roles of the Pastor & the Lay group and how to make people feel more welcomed & closer to God. We need to work on being aware of the people that come to our church and those that have disappeared.  Be friendly, welcoming, and include them in conversations.  For those that have disappeared, we need to touch base and find out the reason behind it and let them know that they are missed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m. with the Lord’s Prayer.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 8, 2018.

Submitted by Katie Ogden